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We communicate with others often, and analyzing how we communicate through the communication model helps us to be more mindful communicators and to adjust our communication to be more competent communicators.

For this assignment, you will:

· Describe a recent face-to-face conversation you had with another person.

· Using Figure 1.3.2 The Interaction Model of Communication and Figure 1.3.3 The Transaction Model of Communication, the descriptions of these models, and the elements of these models, pick one element where your face-to-face conversation may have encountered a problem.

· Describe how you could have improved that element to make the entire communication of the conversation more clear.

Write your assignment using complete sentences and paragraphs and following spelling and grammar rules. Review the assignment rubric for how the assignment will be graded and to be sure that you meet each grading criteria.

Figure 1.3.1 The Transmission Model of Communication

Transmission Model of Communication. Sender encodes message and sends message (Hello!) through channels to Receiver who decodes message and is impacted by noise.

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