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Communication Skills

•Complete the Journal
• A journal is intended to be a document that is shared only between the instructor and the student.
Feel free to be open and honest in your journal. Your document should be at least 400 words, written in paragraph style – not bullet points, and checked for spelling and grammar. It is recommended that you use Microsoft Word to make this process easier. You can also utilize the free service to have someone check your work before turning it in. The document should start with a heading containing the following:
. Student Name
• Instructor Name
.Course Name
* Date
• Assignment Title
• Include the following three parts in your journal:
List your results, including your 4-Letter indicator and the percentage for each of them. You can include a screenshot of this result or type the information into your Journal Entry.
Describe what you found out about yourself. Please write about each of the questions below.
“Does your MBTI fit you, or do you disagree?
Does it fit with your ultimate work goals and work environment – referencing the career
choices, learning styles, and communication skills explained with your MBTI?
What motivates you?
Now that you’ve reviewed your results, use the website to guess someone else’s results. This can be a boss, coworker, or family member. Tell who this person is in relationship to you, what you think their 4-Letter MBTI score would be, and why you think so. Make sure to include reasons that are linked to the types, as indicated on the website. It is recommended that you look through the Personality Type Explained section and the 16 Types section on the website to better understand the types and determine your guess.

My MBTI was INFJ Introvert(3%) Intuitive(31%) Feeling(3%) Judging (19%)

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