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Company Research Report

BUS 104 Fall 2023
Company Research Report
Select a company in S&P500 that you might be interested in working for.
Individual work: Company Report
You will identify one publicly traded American company from the S&P500 list to conduct your
research effort. Make sure you get approval to research the company. After you are approved to
research on the company, you should locate the following set of data:
 Company Ticker.
 Sector and industry that the company belongs to.
 Top Executives.
 Company’s most recent 10K report.
 At least ONE competitor in the S&P 500.
The S&P 500 company list maybe found here:
S&P 500
After you get approval for the company, you will submit an essay in the following format.
First section – Introduction
 Identify the company.
 Which stock exchange is the company traded and what is the Ticker of the company.
 How to contact this company via postal mail, phone number, web address, and any social media
account name.
 Limit this section to one (1) paragraph with two or three (2 or 3) sentences.
Second section – Company Profile
 Identify the sector and industry that this company belong.
 Describe the role this sector and industry play in our economy.
 List top executives of this company (at least two, but no more than five).
◦ State the executive’s name, tenure (number of years/months worked at this company), their
job title.
◦ Choose executives with a title that looked like Chief ___ Officer, President, or ___
 The company’s financial performance.
◦ Find at least the following numbers for the most recent year:
◦ Total Revenue (a/k/a Net Sales, Total Sales, Net Revenue), Net Income, and Total Asset
◦ There are other sources for this data other than 10K.
 Find the company’s top revenue source.
◦ Find how the company breaks down its total revenue.
◦ The break down is available from the 10K report. Search for the Total Revenue number to
locate the breakdown quickly.
 Review Item 1 from the 10K report and summarize the company business model. Suggest what
they are good at (strength) and where are their opportunities.
 Limit this section to no more than (2) pages: Suggest to group in the following paragraphs
◦ Sector/industry description and top executives
◦ Financial performance and revenue source
◦ Business model (from Item 1 from 10K report)
Third section – Company Competitive Environment
BUS 104 Fall 2023
 Identify at least one competitor in the S&P 500 company list and state its Total Revenue and
Net Income its most recent year.
 Check out the major heading in Item 1A and identify at least two issues that can be classified as
a weakness and two that can be classified as a threat.
 Limit this section to about one page (about 3 paragraphs)
◦ Competitor discussion (name, and its financial performance)
◦ Weakness discussion (from Item 1A of 10K report)
◦ Threat discussion (from Item 1A of 10K report)
Fourth section – Conclusion
 Using the evidence presented in the second and the third paragraphs, determine how successful
is this company.
 Answer one of the following questions.
◦ Between this company and the competitor, which company would you prefer to find a job
for yourself?
◦ Between this company and the competitor, which company would you prefer to invest in
(buy the company’s stock and hold on to it for at least 5 years)?
 Limit this section to about one-page (1) (maybe two (2) paragraphs)
Appendix – Conclusion
 Include your Information Literacy certificate (BMCC Library Guide, LinkedIn Learning,
Blackboard certificate)
 Present a SWOT Analysis Table based on your discussion from Section 2 and Section 3 as
SWOT Summary Your company (year) Competitor (Year)
 Make sure you have citations for your sources on: company financial performance, 10K report,
and any other sources in your discussion. Cite your sources in APA style.
Use Essay format and Limit to no more than 4 (Four) pages.
BUS 104 Fall 2023
Company Presentation
Teamwork: Sector or Industry Presentation
You will be assigned to a team and your company report may be presented if a member of your team
has completed a report on your company’s competitor.
Well-known companies that you might want to report on are:
JP Morgan Chase Walmart Coca Cola Microsoft Alphabet
Bank of America Costco Pepsi Cola Oracle Meta
Citibank ExxonMobile Visa Netflix
Electronic Arts Chevron Mastercard Disney eBay
Take Two AMD Home Depot American Airline McDonalds
Pfizer Nvidia Lowe’s Delta Airline Starbucks
Johnson & Johnson FedEx GAP Southwest Airline Chipotle
Merck UPS TJX UnitedHealthCare Cigna
Alphabet is Google, Meta is Facebook.
Note: Company next to each other with the same background color are in the same industry. There
may be other well known competitors and as long as the competitor is also a publicly traded company,
you can request to be assigned to research on the competing company. For example, Wells Fargo is a
competitor for JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America; Roblox is a competitor for Electronic Arts and
Take Two; Intel is a competitor for AMD and Nvidia; and Monster Drink is a competitor for Coca Cola
and Pepsi Cola.
Recommended Presentation Topics
1. Introduction the team and the company
2. Profile the Company
3. Competitive Analysis (sections 2 and 3 of the report)
4. Conclusion
Limit your team presentation to no more than 15 minutes.

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