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Conceptual Framework

As you read through the Introduction and Alignment and the Background Information for this assignment, you were introduced to a philosophical framework that will be used throughout this course to analyze business concepts.  The lenses or domains are the cultural, experiential, reason, and spiritual lenses on worldview.
Many business concepts are seen in completely different lights, depending upon the perspective used.  In addition, there are many attitudes toward business in general today. For example, many in today’s culture see profit as evil, or at least something, that should be minimalized.  An academic study of profit presents it as an indicator of efficient operation, satisfying market need and the applause of a happy customer.  Consider what you know of the business topics of leadership, management, motivation, diversity, and change.
Using the Four Lens Model of Worldview Development document, select the best word or phrase from the list below the instructions and place it in the appropriate cell in the Table.  There should be only one word or phrase per cell.  Example: Looking at Motivation through the Culture lens, Job Enlargement could be listed at the intersection cell of the Motivation row and Culture column.
Save a copy of your completed Four Lens Model of Worldview Development document for yourself.
For questions on APA Style, go to APA Style.
Respond to the following questions:
What one attitude toward business today do you find most prevalent?
Do you view this attitude as positive or negative? Why?
When viewed through each of the worldview lenses (Culture, Experience, Academic and Spiritual), based upon the words you placed in your Table, what similarities and differences are seen in the concepts of diversity, leadership, and one other of the business concepts listed below.
Which one of the lenses tends to drive your perception of these business concepts of diversity, leadership, management, motivation, and change?  Why?  Provide a detailed explanation for your response that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.
Answer each of the four questions in 150 – 200 words. Your overall paper should be 600 to 800 words in length.
Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA format.
When you have completed your paper, download a copy of your completed assignment for yourself. Submit copies of your paper and your completed table as two separate documents to your instructor using the Assignment submission page by the end of the workshop.
All things work together
Anything for a buck
Both born and made
Bottom line driven
Business Discipline
Comes from within
Created in the image of God
Doing what is right, not just what is legal
Equality of Outcomes
Fears God
God is in control
Honor God
I get to work
Image over substance
Job enrichment

Job enlargement
Leading, planning, organizing, controlling
Minority Focus
Must show the need
Monetary Rewards
Pleasing God
Reverse discrimination
Uniquely made
Varies by Individual
Work because I must

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