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Construction Law – BSM 575

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Construction Law – BSM 575

First Diet Coursework Assignment

Coursework Assignment Guidelines

Students are required to attempt a legal problem question and write a word-processed essay on the essay topic below. The weighting as between the legal problem question and the essay is 50:50.

The following guidelines should be strictly adhered to:

  1. All propositions of law referred to in the legal problem question – see section A of the assignment below – should be supported by an appropriate reference to a case or statute or, in the case of a reference to a standard form of building contract such as the JCT Standard Building Contract with Quantities 2011 Edition, by an appropriate reference to the relevant contract.
  1. The minimum and maximum word limits for each component of the assignment appear at the end of the relevant section of the assignment. These limits should be adhered to, otherwise the student will be penalised. Each submission should include a word count.
  1. Footnotes/endnotes should be included in the essay. A bibliography should appear at the end of the essay. The bibliography should contain all relevant material consulted by the student, whether referred to in footnotes or not and material in the bibliography should be arranged under the following headings, where applicable:



Case Law

Internet resources

Other resources

Words in footnotes and bibliography should not be included when taking into account the essay word count.

  1. Footnotes/endnotes must be used for referencing and further reading only and should contain as little text as possible.
  1. The completed coursework assignment must be submitted, prior to the submission deadline (see below), by submission via an electronic drop-box set up on the RGU Moodle online campus within the Construction Law module – note that further information on this will be notified to students in advance of the submission date. Note that one submission only is permitted to avoid multiple submissions (where a later submission by a student is stated or intended to supersede an earlier one). Students must be satisfied that the version of the completed coursework is the absolutely final version prior to submission. Completed coursework submissions should not under any circumstances be directly emailed to the module co-ordinator Dr Hamish Ross. Dr Ross’s email facility at RGU is not resourced to handle emails with large attachments. Accordingly, Dr Ross will have no alternative but to delete such courseworks on arrival without reading them.
  1. The completed coursework assignment must be submitted using the template (a Microsoft Word document) provided on the RGU Moodle online campus within the Construction Law module. The template should be completed in full – to the extent possible, while maintaining student anonymity – prior to submission. Use of the template is intended to ensure that the coursework submission is contained in a single document and contains all relevant student details. This will make submission via the electronic drop-box simpler.
  1. The completed coursework assignment must be submitted by the following deadline:

Extensions to this deadline may exceptionally be granted. Applications for an extension, using an extenuating circumstances form, should be sent, with full reasons, to the module co-ordinator, Dr Hamish Ross, at and copied to the postgraduate administrator, Cherie Connon at

Any extensions should be applied for as early as possible and will be considered at the sole discretion of the module co-ordinator. Applications close to the deadline should be avoided wherever possible, and unless made at the earliest opportunity, are likely to be refused. Please note that pressure of work, unless exceptional and verified, will not be accepted as a valid extension justification.

Failure to submit the completed coursework assignment properly or by the stated submission deadline will result in the student’s scoring zero for the assignment.

  1. Any deviation from the above guidelines will be penalised, either by a zero score or a lower mark.

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