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Creating a Health Plan To Address Adult Obesity In Shelby County, Tennessee

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Planning and Evaluation Project
Focusing on a health problem (adult obesity) within a community (Shelby County, Tennessee) selected by the student, the planning and evaluation project consists of the development of a community or organizational based plan to address the identified health problem. The community or organizational based plan should be multi-faceted, addressing various levels of the health impact pyramid (i.e., not a single program, event, or activity). The plan will include the sections identified below. The plan should consist of approximately 25-30 pages double spaced typing. The page information below is included as a guideline, not a requirement. Appendices may be included as necessary (the appendices are not included in the page guideline).
� Title Page  1 page
� Executive Summary  1-2 pages
o The Executive Summary should be able to stand alone to convey the major points of the paper. It is not designed to be an introduction or background statement. It is important to include the major take-aways� in the Executive Summary. For those familiar with the saying, the Executive Summary is similar to the �Reader�s Digest version� of the paper.
� Statement of the Health Problem � 3-4 pages
o The Statement of the Health Problem should demonstrate that the student has fully explored the health problem and should set the foundation for the proposed program. It should address the setting, the scope of the problem, the significance, the contributing factors, and the potential for intervention (leading into the next part of the paper). It should include the relevant statistics for the selected community (identifying disparities) and should put those statistics in perspective (comparing with other geographies, over time).

� Program Description � 3-4 pages
o The Program Description should describe what is being proposed in narrative form. It should discuss the various components of the proposal (the �family of interventions� addressing the various components of the health impact pyramid). It should include the rationale for including these elements in your program � is this a best practice, is there a theoretical basis. This should flow smoothly from the health problem statement showing that the student is addressing the populations in need and the health problem�s contributing factors. It should lead smoothly into and set the stage for the next part of the paper � the goals and objectives.

� Goals and Objectives � 4-5 pages
The Goals and Objectives section should succinctly list the goals that have been identified and the objectives that have been selected for each of the goals. The goals should be broad statements and the objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-oriented (SMART). The goals and objectives should flow directly from the program that has been described in the previous section. They should be consistent with and lay the groundwork for the next section � the Implementation Plan.

� Implementation Plan � 4-5 pages
o The Implementation Plan should discuss in narrative form (with appropriate tables and supporting materials) how the student is proposing to carry out the plan. It should build on the previous sections where the program components and goals and objectives have been described. In this section of the paper the student should demonstrate that they have clearly thought through the different activities and steps that they will need to take. The student should demonstrate that awareness of the different resources (inputs) that will be required, including the financial requirements. The student should identify the various implementation tools that will be used (outputs), such as the budget, timeline, organizational chart, policies and procedures, etc. In summary, in this section the student should demonstrate that they have planned for implementation, that they are establishing the framework for a successful implementation.

� Evaluation Design, including Logic Model � 5-6 pages
o The Evaluation Design section should demonstrate that the student has clearly thought through how the student (or others) would determine how successful the plan is. It should address both the formative and summative components of evaluation. It should clarify what process, impact, and outcome measures are being addressed. It should identify how the student has selected the target measures compared to the baseline measures (a benchmark approach, etc.). It should include a logic model with the inputs, outputs, and outcomes identified. This section can include a tracking matrix or some indication of how you would measure progress. For a component of the plan (i.e., for a specific program) where the student is able to apply a research design for a statistical evaluation, the student should clearly state what research design would be used, the rationale for that selection, and what statistical test might be appropriate (i.e., t-test, etc.).

� References � 2 pages
o The References section should include your sources for your community�s statistics, best practices, etc. (There is no limit to the number of sources that can be used)

It is not necessary to use APA or other specific format, but the paper should be formatted to enhance readability and include page numbers.

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