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Writing Project #1
Project 1: “How is Academic and/ or Creative Media Useful to Me and My Disciplinary Community?”
So far, we have been considering questions about the quality of how writers enter into conversations. We have been looking at models of evaluations, such as “The Boldness of Roxane Gay’s Hunger,” and “Netflix’s Gentefied is the Best American TV Show about Gentrification.” In looking at these texts we’ve discussed how the authors synthesize ideas from a conversation, create criteria for evaluating texts, and make judgments about texts through the use of evidence. As we discussed, evaluative writing is all around us: any time we read Amazon reviews of a product online, read a yelp or google reviews for service in the community, or read a book or movie review, we are looking to see what users or viewers think about something. Often in academic writing, evaluations or reviews are used to help researchers and teachers know if reading a particular book or article will be a good use of their time or if a product or new technology can be helpful to their students or their research. Reviews help readers to be efficient and effective with their time, money, and mental energy. What expertise do you have that can be valuable to an audience?
Inquiry and Purpose
For your review, you have several options. As you consider which choice you will write about, think about something you are an expert in but also want to know more about. Try to choose the option that will both challenge you AND lead you best to your academic goals.
Your options are to
● evaluate an academic text, such as a TED talk in a discipline you are interested in (here is a good list organized by discipline:
● Links to an external site.
● ),
● Evaluate a presentation by an academic speaker on campus; an academic performance, such as a play or a musical event or a creative writing reading; or other kind of academic performance.
● Synthesize at least three evaluations (plus your own evaluation) of a popular performance, such as a movie, a musical band / song / music video, television show, a book, etc.
● evaluate a new technology for your discipline
What I Will Look For
When I read your papers, I will look to see if you
● Have found a topic that is relevant and interesting to you that also addresses your academic interests
● Have considered your audience’s needs in your purpose and inquiry
● Have in some ways incorporated the key elements of the evaluation genre (or have thoughtfully challenged or transformed those key elements)
● Have demonstrated some knowledge of the conversation about this text or technology through the use of outside sources
● Have incorporated your own voice and opinions about the evaluated text in a respectful but knowledgeable way.
Specifications: 1200-1800 words, 1 core source to conduct the evaluation on, 3 sources from the library databases with 1 being a peer reviewed journal article. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, and Blogs do not count for the 4 sources but they can be used in the text as needed. MLA citation.
Note: you are also encouraged to use language dialects or integrate languages that are not English to meet your rhetorical purposes. You are also encouraged to include extra textual elements such as visuals, videos, sound if that supports your rhetorical purpose as well.

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