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Crime Control Versus Due Process Models Of Criminal Justice

The text discusses two primary goals of American criminal justice: the need to enforce the law and maintain order and the need to protect people from injustice. Chapter 1 addresses this issue beginning on p.11 and a synopsis of Herbert Packer’s crime control/due process models of criminal justice are provided in Figure 1-2. The original article by Packer is also available in the Module (sorry for the lengthy read).

Please present your position on the following:

Which of the two models is currently the primary focus of the American criminal justice system and why? Do you think the current situation is appropriate? Is a combination of the two models possible? Explain.

There is no word limit and all outside sources must be listed under a Reference heading at the end of your submission. Use APA formatting.

BOOK: Peak, K.J., & Giacomazzi, A.L. (2019).Justice Administration:Police, Courts, & Corrections Management. (9th Edition). New York, NY:Pearson

ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-487140-0

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