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Criminal Justice

Obstacles to Development of Primary Prevention Programs for Youth

Discuss the persistent reluctance to fund and develop primary prevention programs for youth before going into and after coming out of the criminal justice system. Your response must consist of information from the following:

Professional issues – training, practice, philosophy, and ethics of human services workers and human services professions (2-full pages; 2 references)
Political issues – including our societal tendency to focus on crises rather than ongoing prevention/wellness (2-full pages; 2 references)
Economic obstacles – limited resources and the high price tag of programs (2 full pages; 2 references)
This is a two-part assignment.

Number one of the assignments is due on November12, 2023.
Numbers two and three are due on November 19,2023.
As you are already aware, you must use in-text citations.

You will need two references for each of the three areas above.
That is a total of 6 references that do not include the video clips.
Your references cannot be a hyperlink.
You must use peer reviewed articles dated within the last five years.
For every in-text citation you must list the entire source on the reference page
Your work must be double-spaced.
Your paragraphs must consist of 5-7 sentences only (points will be deducted for longer paragraphs).
You must have an introduction and a conclusion.
Do not complete the assignment using a list of bullet points.
Read, cite, summarize, and discuss. Integrate your thoughts based on the articles you read to agree or disagree with the information.

Why changing juvenile corrections is critical to American criminal justice

Changing the criminal justice system on behalf of children

Why barriers remain for youth post-incarceration

The justice system is our failure to imagine anything besides punishment, this advocate says

https://The justice system is our failure to imagine anything besides punishment, this advocate says

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