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Criteria Audit Report

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Criteria audits have become common in health facilities over the years. They are especially useful in surgery cases where they are used both pre and post surgery. Criteria audits are necessary in pre and post surgery to ensure that doctors can effectively assess the prognosis of a particular surgery and the chances of success associated with such surgery (Abdelhak et al, 2001). Additionally, criteria audits allow for the determination of whether a surgery is really necessary and if all the necessary measures are being taken as required in a particular surgery. Criteria audits thus effectively become the tools of monitoring a surgical procedure as well as determining the appropriateness of the process. The following study aims at exploring the use of criteria audits within the health industry particularly in surgical procedures. The study specifically uses a criteria audit to assess the effectiveness of cholecystectomy surgery in Curtin university hospital. The hospital will thus provide a better understanding of the process as well as evaluate its effectiveness.

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