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Critical Analysis of Ever Child Matters Policy

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A critique of a current education policy (3000 words)


Introduction – Discuss the purpose of assignment is to reflect upon the Every Child Matters Policy (ECM). Discuss why the initative was written and why. How it was the biggest social policy initiative affecting all aspects of childrens lives, families, education, social services and health. ECM challenges long held conceptions and assumptions about childhood, child rearing schooling and the way the whole welfare state is constructed. Assignment to look at how ECM evolved the future of policy and how it affects my current practice in school. How and why the system had failed. Why such a document was needed, did it succeed. ECM was welcomed initially in time it became more saturated with Health and Safety predominantly safe guarding issues and documents that seemed to replace the ECM.

In 2010 the coalition govt formed. How and if did this change in government bare any influence on the seemingly withdrawal of the ECM terminology.

Assignment to reflect on opposing views of the document and evaluate if aims and objectives are still of influence. Talk about ECM and how it had developed into school ‘my” school policy. (so how schools have many policies that are broken down which overall relate to ECM). How is it effective in schools and what is it labelled as.

Aims   – Why was policy created the aims and outcomes

Context      see powerpoint for notes

Impacts –


References mmu havard

Must critically evaluate policy documents and texts from a variety of sources. Not to just discuss what government says it will achieve, what did it achieve and what other stakeholders think.                                                                                                     

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