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Critical Reflection

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Healthcare  Essay

25oo word limit

Provide a critical reflection on a piece of work you have undertaken with an individual, family or group.  Include brief references to the PCF, legislation, and relevant literature to support your discussions and evaluate your learning, and include a reference list.

  • Provide a brief introductory paragraph regarding the event/case, including the main reason for the agency’s involvement.
  • Outline how you assessed and planned your work
  • Outline what interventions you actually carried out and why
  • Include a critical evaluation of your understanding and use of professional judgement and autonomy.
  • Discuss and evaluate how you assessed and managed risk
  • What skills, methods and approaches did you consider or apply to your practice
  • What helped you to reflect on your practice and development
  • Include the challenges and dilemmas you faced and how you addressed these
  • Reflect on what you learnt about yourself (self-awareness), your skills, your values, and your resilience

What future learning needs have you identified and how will you address these

A placement within a foster care agency. Foster carer has a parent and child placement with them for a period of upto twelve weeks depending on the Court agreement. Parent and child placement has to be assessed daily by the foster carer in order to assess if the parent and child will be able to live independently or worse case scenario the child is to be placed for adoption.

My case was a four week old baby placed with his mother and this was for a period of upto 12 weeks. Mother had two other children who live with the parents mother due t neglect issues. Mum is older now and feels that she is able to provide the care needed for her son. Initially mother of the child was very quiet and seemed to lack confidence and felt that she was being judged by everyone. Foster carer was becoming too involved and it was suggested that Foster carer needed to take a step back and let the mum become more independent. There seemed to be friction between mum and foster carer, which caused a lot of tension within the home, and this led to the possibility of a breakdown in the placement. Foster carer had to provide weekly assessments of mum and child and her capabilities but mum saw this as a negative and felt that if anything negative was reported it would go against her. I explained that this wasn’t the case it was about seeing that she was able to provide the correct care for herself and her child. Mum and baby requested to be moved to another placement due to the issues that kept arising between the foster carer and the mum. A team meeting was actioned and it was advised that foster carer would take a step back and mum would be aware of the help and guidance that was being given. With foster carer taking a step back the placement turned into a more positive and enjoyable placement and this was clearly evident by all. At the end of the placement mum was like a different person, her confidence had grown dramatically and the relationship between foster carer and mum was much more positive. Foster carer was there for mum to offer support and guidance but it was mum who was able to provide the nurturing for her child as well as carrying out chores independently.

Interventions that were carried out were meetings between all agencies to see how this placement could be maintained. It was agreed that there was faults on both parts and these were addressed.

From mums point of view it would be hard being in a stranger’s home with a newborn baby with someone watching your every move. Ass a new mum it is hard but with the added pressure of someone assessing your capabilities I felt that this became stressful for mum but towards the end of placement she realised that it was good that she was being assessed and this needed to take place in order for her to be able to live independently

Whilst I spoke to mum I explained that every new mum makes mistakes and of course it is going to be hard for her but I reiterated what a fantastic job she was doing and that the foster carer was only to help and sometime she needs to think before things escalate into an argument.

Foster carer was advised to take a step back and let mum become more self sufficient but make mum aware that she would be there if she needed any support or guidance if she needed,

I built up a very good relationship with foster carer and mum and baby and I feel that this helped when I was trying to calm things down between all parties. I believe that they put their trust in me and they knew that I was there when they needed me. As a neutral person I felt that they valued my advice and mum also valued my opinion my I shared my experiences as a mother and explained that she was just like any other mum.

I felt that I was able to act professionally throughput this placement and my judgement with regards to the friction in placement was correct. I was able to show empathy and understanding which helped me to deal with the situation when it became fraught.

Within foster care attachment is a big issue within this environment and this needs talking about and any other theories you feel that are relevant

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