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CT Angiography Scans in detecting Coronary Artery Disease

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CT Angiography Scans in detecting Coronary Artery Disease is my case study; I uploaded to your guideline to follow it for you information that example submitted to Turnitin.please paraphrase title and change (table of content) the sequence of hiding, ideas and references.  

Case Study:

  • Introduction: Identification and justification of the significance of the case area. Incorporates brief review of recent literature relevant to the case.
  • Background/ Method: Describes fundamentals of the case scenario (e.g. circumstances antecedent to the case, imaging requested, diagnostic pathway, etc).
  • Discussion: Significance and uniqueness of the case is well appraised. Relevance of the case is related back to the specific modality. Reflection on the case identifies areas for improvement.
  • Organisation: Case is presented in a logical and organised format; all headings are well linked. Appropriate illustrations included.
  • Academic Integrity: Sources are acknowledged correctly and confidentiality is maintained.

High Distinction: Outstanding and exceptional quality in all respects and surpassess the level required.  There is a comprehensive analysis and integration between components that is clearly defined and offers original ideas that are well argued


Please makes new references and new ideas. And the references form is Vancouver please follow the file for Vancouver style I uploaded.

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