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Cultural festival management

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You are to write a 2,500 word essay which discusses the scope of festivals and their diversity.

Specifically you are instructed to write:

–           2500 words (+/- 10%)

–           Ariel, font 12, double line spaced, justified to the margins,

–           To include academic theory relating to these areas from both journal articles and key text   books from the unit (level 5 requires you to be using more academic texts and less online resources than your previous year),

–           Correct referencing using the Harvard style notes on Moodle,

–           Written in the 3rd person (NO mention of I, me, my or we)

–           Clear reference list at the end, completed in alphabetical order by lead author surname,

–           Word count written at the end of the main body, before the reference list


–           Sub titles

–           Bullet points

–           Photographs

–           Tables/charts/figures

–           Bibliography

Once written and proof read: the completed document should be uploaded onto Moodle in  one document by 16.00 on 16th December 2015

Marks and feedback will be then be available on the 20th January 2016 via the Moodle area.

Assessment Objective/Rationale:
This essay is an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge in an analytical and critical manner. It will encourage development of your knowledge in a contextual manner which will aim to fulfil objectives 1 and 2 of the learning outcomes identified earlier. It will encourage the student to develop their knowledge of Cultural festival management and will provide them with constructive feedback to aid their learning.

This assessment is designed to give you an opportunity to exhibit your skills and demonstrate practically your understanding of the requirements needed for effective cultural festival management. It should develop and articulate an argument based on good academic rigour and appropriate links to industry application.

Assessment Task:
You can write about one or more impacts of festivals upon the host destination and the people that live and work there and should use examples from various festivals.

With this in mind, this essay should be an introduction to festivals, the impacts they can have on a host destination and the purpose they have. You will need to relate some of the specific discussion by giving examples of festivals which highlight and support some of the areas discussed within your essay.

Ali-Knight and Chambers (2006:vi) suggest that “nowhere is the impact of festivals and events more evident than in Edinburgh (UK)”.  “In fact, Edinburgh City Council claim to be making £150 million yearly from the festivals|” (The Guardian, 2002; cited in Ali-Knight and Chambers, 2002: vi).

This is an example of a statement which supports the reasoning for looking  at one of the impacts: (the economic impact) festivals can have on a host destination. However, you can choose any festival and any impact you wish to research and investigate.

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