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Cultural Immersion Project: Research and Events Paper

Cultural Immersion Project: Research and Events Paper Assignment Instructions


This portion of the Cultural Immersion Project Assignment consists of two parts: a research-based portion and an events-based portion of the approved cultural group you identified in Week 1 that you will be exploring. This group should be a different population than which you personally identify. In addition, you must have selected a group with whom you have little or no prior experience and cannot use cultural groups identified in prior cultural immersion experiences. In other words, the cultural group for all parts of this Benchmark Cultural Immersion Project must be new for you.


Please utilize the guidelines noted below in completing this assignment:

· This paper should be approximately 2,200 words (approximately 8-9 pages). Please note that the quality of your answer is important, and use the approximate words count noted in each section as you craft your responses for each section.

· Please use the current APA style which is the 7th edition of the APA publication manual that includes information on appropriate formatting for section headings, levels of section headings, in-text citations (narrative and parenthetical), and references. In addition, review the sample professional paper for further specifics on APA formatting. For more information on APA formatting and sample papers, please see the APA Format Quick Guide link listed under the Resources header on the assignment page.

· Scholarly peer-reviewed sources are required and must be published within the last 5 years. A minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed sources are required for this assignment, and you are welcome to use more as needed in your research.

· Other available resources include government websites, professional organization websites, university websites, relevant chapters from the McGoldrick et al. supplemental e-book (link is in the syllabus), and the Hays and Erford textbook.

For the two parts of this assignment, address the following prompts, and organize the paper based on the prompts using appropriate both section and sub-section heading formats (Level I, Level II etc.):

Research Portion

1. For this portion, you will select four (4) key elements (bullet points) from the list below and elaborate what was learned from the literature through scholarly research (approximately 700 words; cite and reference your sources):

· Inter-group characteristics (compared to other groups) and intra-group characteristics (differences within the cultural group).

· Common attitudes, beliefs, and values that are held by the cultural group.

· Prominent customs, practices, and behaviors of the cultural group.

· Attitudes or practices of the cultural group toward spirituality and/or religion (please note that spirituality/religion may not be a central theme for some populations).

· Key historical events and figures impacting the cultural group and societal perceptions of this group.

· History/patterns of immigration of this cultural group to the U.S.

2. Historical and Current Oppression (approximately 250 words; cite and reference your sources).

· Please write a summary of the historical and current oppression of the chosen cultural group. This information is to help understand how the views of others toward the cultural group and oppression may have impacted the cultural group. Ideas to explore can include the effects of oppression and the subtle rules or unwritten practices of oppression within structures such as companies, schools, organizations, etc. (Cite peer-reviewed sources to support your statements).

3. Research two journal articles of treatment approaches that have been utilized effectively with the identified population. Include a brief summary of information of addressed concerns, treatments utilized, and outcome effectiveness on the population. Approximately 250 words; cite and reference your peer-reviewed/scholarly source(s).

Events Portion

During the current course term, you will attend and participate in two (2) in-person events related to your selected cultural group, and these events can include (but not limited to) activities such as community organization meetings, volunteer work with homeless shelters or food kitchens, attendance at support group meetings, fund-raising events, school-related meetings/activities, etc. One element to keep in mind is that even though an activity may involve the cultural group, it does not mean you would learn about the cultural group. For example, going to someone’s home who is from the approved population for a meal or event may not include cultural practices that helps you learn about them; however, there are populations that have meals/events that have cultural significance such as a Shabbat meal for the Jewish population or a quinceañera for those in the Latin culture. The key thing is to choose activities that focus on the approved cultural group and that you can learn about them through these activities. (NOTE: Eating at ethnic restaurants or shopping at a business owned by members of the cultural group does not count as an event. In addition, each event must be distinct and have a qualitatively different experience than the other. For example, attendance at two meetings that focus on the population would count as one event as they are similar experiences.) Your total participation in the events should be for (4) hours – approximately two (2) hours per event – where you engage in learning more about your chosen cultural group.

With any activity, it is important that you interact with members of the cultural group to develop an understanding of the event and the motivations of individuals in participating in them. Consider some of the following factors as you think about this portion: purpose of the activity or event; cultural underpinnings for the events; and social/political/economic beliefs or values.

Events section prompts:

· Identify the two attended events and describe your experience – include dates, time spent, and geographic locations of the events (approximately 250 words).

· How did your participation in these events impact you emotionally? In other words, how did you respond as you engaged with and learned more about the cultural group? Why do you think you responded this way? (approximately 250 words).

· What are three (3) key things you learned about the culture through these events that were not reflected in your research? What did you observe, hear, or experience that resulted in what you learned? What makes these three learned elements significant for the culture? (approximately 250 words).

Note that the research and events portion of the project is necessary for completion of the final portion of this immersion project. Organize all the notes and resources you have gathered thus far to enable you to easily accomplish the interview portion of this project

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