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Culture Shock

Explain the concept of culture shock by imagining that a person who lived in the United States in the 1860s time traveled to the United States of today. What are some aspects of American culture that might shock this visitor? Are there any aspects of American culture that might not be surprising? If you were the time traveler, do you think you would adapt to modern American culture, or would you engage in ethnocentrism?

Here are the guidelines for your essay draft:

Your draft should have a thesis statement, i.e. the main point of your essay.
Your draft should have at least four paragraphs: (1) an introductory paragraph that engages the reader and discusses why the topic is important; (2) two supporting body paragraphs that develop the main point, and (3) a concluding paragraph.
Your introductory paragraph should engage the reader and discuss why the topic is important.
Please include a list of References that you plan to use. At minimum, you should include the textbook and at least one of the online lecture pages in correct APA citation.

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