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Customer Relationship Management

We have reviewed Customer Relationship Management this week and will continue that discussion by exploring experiences you’ve had with poor customer service.

Assignment Instructions

Identify a poor consumer experience you have had. How did it make you feel? In this paper, delve into this topic with a paper that is organized as follows (use subject headers in your APA paper for each of these sections):

Identify the company/brand that you are going to review
What was the story around your experience – why was it a bad customer experience?
If you ran this company, how would you have handled this situation?
Why is Customer Relationship Management important?
How would you have changed this situation?


You should address the above topic in a 3-4 page (750–1,000 word), well-written paper, following current APA guidelines. Two or more references should be cited in this work and are not included in the word count. Make sure you check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. Use the Excelsior Library resources to properly cite your work and find resources.

Professional Communication

The assignment is presented in a professional tone and format and organized in ways that facilitate viewer understanding. The text has been proofread and checked for grammar and punctuation. Any sources are cited appropriately using APA guidelines. Your name and course number are included in the presentation.

Depth of Analysis

The report applies concepts and theories found in the module and additional sources, as appropriate, displays evidence of critical thinking, and is organized in a logical way.

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