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Cyber Security

Peer-graded Assignment: Peer-graded Assignment: Submit Your Work and Grade Your Peers

Linux and encrpyption.

DeadlineDec 3, 11:59 PM EST

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There is a total of 10 points for three tasks in this final project. Your final assignment will be graded by your peers who are also completing this assignment within the same session.

Grading Criteria Overview


There is a total of 10 points possible for the final project. You need to complete the following tasks and submit your responses for peer review.

Task 1

Provide a screenshot showing the user account cdiaz. (2 pts)
Provide a screenshot showing that cdiaz is a member of the analysts user group. (2 pts)
Task 2

Provide a screenshot showing a saved text file named confidential. (2 pts)
Provide a screenshot showing that confidential is encrypted. (2 pts)
Task 3

Provide a screenshot of an encrypted email created in Mailvelope. The body of the email must include Cynthia’s username and password and the encryption key for the encrypted file. (2 pts)
Your screenshots must be in JPEG or PNG format.

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