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Project Part 3: Obtaining Evidence from an ISP


D&B has been asked to assist in an investigation of a possible cybercrime involving theft of intellectual

property. The information will need to be obtained from an internet service provider (ISP) while

complying with any applicable laws and regulations. Your manager wants to update staff on details

about best practices for working with ISPs and obtaining electronic evidence.

Your manager has asked you to find resources on the web that contain information useful to this

investigation, including any applicable laws, and to present the information to staff in a PowerPoint



For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:

1. Research how to legally obtain electronic evidence in a digital forensic investigation from an ISP.

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing best practices for obtaining electronic evidence

from an ISP, citing relevant laws.

3. Cite sources, where appropriate.

Required Resources

▪ Internet access

▪ Course textbook

Deliverable 3 Requirements

▪ Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (or compatible)

▪ Preferred Font: Slide headings: Calibri 32 point; Slide body: Calibri 24-28 point (no less than 20

point for smaller text)

▪ References style: Standard APA 7

▪ Length of report: 10 to 12 slides, including a title slide and a summary slide

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