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Damage to the nervous system

Choose 1-2 of the 5 senses.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word article on how damage to the nervous system affects the sensory experience. Include the following:
Identify which nervous system structures are involved in that sensory system.
Identify which peripheral nervous system structures are involved in the chosen sensory system(s), including sensory and motor neurons.
Explain potential or hypothetical damage to the structures.
Describe how the damage has affected the nervous system’s function, including autonomic nervous system responses (parasympathetic and sympathetic) as well as somatic nervous system responses.
Explain why this change in the nervous system has occurred.
Explain external indicators, or symptoms, of the damage.
Describe how the sensory experience may be different because of this damage.

Include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources.

Format your article according to APA guidelines.

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