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Data Analytics


Your organization is planning to purchase a tool for data analytics. You have been asked to make a recommendation for two tools.

Your organization is also researching the application of data warehousing, big data, and data mining. You have also been asked to make an evaluation of how data warehousing, big data, and data mining can be beneficial to a healthcare system. Some members of your audience may be unfamiliar with these concepts, so part of your goal is to provide background information.

Research two data analytics tools that you would recommend in response to the scenario above.
Thoroughly investigate the specifications of each tool and consider the pros, cons, and hardware requirements of each tool.

Using supporting evidence from the articles you researched, create a PowerPoint presentation with the following information:
Recommend two tools for data analytics and explain why they would be beneficial to your organization.
Provide a description of big data, data mining, and data warehousing.
Provide an analysis of how data mining can be beneficial to a healthcare system.
Explain the purpose, characteristics, and components of a data warehouse.
Explain how the type of data warehousing used can impact the ability to mine data.
Describe examples of the successful use of guided data mining and automated data mining within healthcare.
Support your work with references from this week’s Learning Resources and the three articles you found in the Walden Library.
Provide references in APA style at the end of your presentation—the reference slide or slides do not count toward your assignment total.

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