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Demographic and Economic Shift

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Communication Strategies
Part I
The Australian economist Steve Keen has predicted that the economy will fall into recession, while Harry Dent has argued that demographic shifts will cause a massive shift in the world�s economy. He predicts a housing bubble that will usher in a long period of deflation with housing prices going own or stalling and the share market imploding.

Harry Dent,

Steven Keen

You are to provide an assessment of how the demographic and economic shift will affect your chosen organisation. You are to provide a one year, three year and five year horizon model.
Students are to prepare a stakeholder map based on the model provided for their selected organisation based on this issue.
Students are to identify two stakeholders or publics affected by the shift and to write a 50 word summary on why that group was chosen and the type of relationship to that group.
The assignment is 1000 words plus the stakeholder map.


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