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1- Phenomenon of Interest/Background of Problem (define problem including genetic information and risk (about 1-1 1/2 pages)

2- Review the literature addressing the primary problem (about 2 pages)

3- Find a case (with genetic research literature available) that fits the topic that you have chosen.

4- For the case that you are writing please use the individual and family guidelines and the PHNAT guidelines.

Please include self-assessed health status, history, pedigree, ecomap, other tools used in PHNAT GNRS729_2BPublic_2BHealth_2BNursing-10-10-16 (3).ppt Download GNRS729_2BPublic_2BHealth_2BNursing-10-10-16 (3).ppt Ecomap+Sample.pptx Download Ecomap+Sample.pptxPreview the document Pedigree+Sample.docx Download Pedigree+Sample.docxPreview the document Individual+Case+Study+Selection+Samples.docx Download Individual+Case+Study+Selection+Samples.docxPreview the document

in your paper for the individual and family section. Include the issues (cultural, socio economic, etc that may impact this case)

All of above will help you to assess risk and guide your recommendations.

5-Plan a potential intervention including health promotion and prevention based on the individual and the potential risks that you have assessed. Include the results of the

6-Pedigree and Ecomap in your planning.

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