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Designing a Survey

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Designing a Survey

Sociology Essay

Most of us have taken a survey at some point in our lives. Poorly designed surveys can be incredibly frustrating to the person taking the survey and they rarely yield quality information.

Designing high quality surveys takes time and critical thinking. In social work practice, we want to minimize any disruption to our clients while also trying to find out how we can best serve them. In this discussion post, you will be thinking through how to collect basic information from your clients.

Create an original discussion post where you develop a short survey consisting of between 5 to 10 questions based on the scenario related to your topic. Be sure to collect the relevant demographic information.

Use Scenario below- Discussion: Survey � Foster Care

� You work at a government agency charged with licensing all foster homes in your state. You want to create a survey for foster parents in the state to understand how long they plan to continue being foster parents.�

Reference – use only if needed

Rubin, A. & Bellamy, J. (2012). Practitioner�s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
� Chapters 9-10

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