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Developing Brands through Advertising

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Group Assessment
Students will form groups comprising of 4 to 5 students in the first semester seminars during week two and will subsequently work on the assignment as a team.
A log of all work undertaken by the group shall be kept which identifies the contribution of individual members. This log is to be signed by each group member and submitted by each group immediately after the presentation.
Each group will undertake a detailed brand audit of one of the following brands of car in the UK market:
 Mercedes
 Jaguar
 Audi
 Lexus
 Land Rover
Each group will be randomly allocated a brand by the lecturer (lucky draw) with the task for each group being to produce a written report and presentation.
Brand Audit Written Report
The report should be no more than 25 pages (including Executive Summary but excluding Appendices and Reference List, typed in 1.5 line spacing on one side only of single sheets of A4 using 12 pt size type with normal margins) and should be supported by relevant theory and referencing where appropriate using the Harvard system. This report is to be submitted electronically via Turnitin no later than 16.00 on Monday 5th December.
Full details of what is required can be found in the ‘Memo’ following this section.
Brand Audit Presentation

Printed copies of each report along with the group log should be handed in to the lecturer immediately after the presentation in an envelope clearly marked with the names of each group member.
The report will account for 25% of the total marks for the module and the presentation 5% of the total marks for the module with the individual assignment in Semester B accounting for the other 70%.
Assessment criteria for the report will be linked to the module objectives and include:
 Quality and quantity of research and analysis
 Critical thinking
 Application of relevant theory
 Proposal and justification of strategic and tactical recommendations for the company & brand.
Assessment criteria for the presentation will include:
 Quantity and quality of content
 Audience interest
 Engagement generated.
Further guidance will be given by the lecturer in class and/or on Blackboard. Further details of the marking criteria be found in the marking rubric later in the module handbook.
To: The Acting Brand Manager,
Re: The need to revitalise our brand
You will be aware that I have recently been appointed as CEO of the company, with a clear mandate from the Board of Directors and expectation of the company’s shareholders to turn around the company’s financial performance. You will also be aware from the exit from the company last week of your previous boss, the Brand Manager, and your subsequent appointment in an acting capacity to that position that I and the Board consider the revitalisation of our brand to be of crucial importance in our efforts to turn around the company.
Although the sales performance of our cars in the UK and overseas has been good the market is highly competitive and our sales growth is below target despite growth in the overall market. I am aware that some of our competitors have similar problems – but that is no excuse nor reason for our company’s poor performance.
The luxury car market appears to be saturated with lots of different brands and models and we are fighting head-to-head with an increasing number of competitors. We have traditionally dominated this sector but we are now under-performing. What do we need to do to regain our market leadership?
I therefore want you to undertake a comprehensive ‘brand audit’ of our brand with a special focus on the UK Market. Your report will be an important input for the Board’s Strategic Review Meeting next month. I’m not a marketing expert so I don’t know much about ‘brand audits’, but a consultant friend of mine suggested that a good framework for one is shown in a book “Strategic Brand Management’ written by some guy called Keller(?)*.
Anyway, you’re supposed to be a marketing expert and so as Acting Brand Manager I want you to give it your top priority. Remember: I don’t want just ‘smoke and mirrors’ talk or just your personal opinion, I want to see some good analysis, research and critical thinking to support your review and detailed recommendations as to how we can turn our brand around!

Chief Executive
*See Chapter 8, p. 293 and Brand Focus 8.0: Rolex Brand Audit, p. 315 of Keller 4th edition textbook for background and example audit framework (Keller 2nd Edition see Chapter 3, p.162 and Brand Focus 8.0: Mayo Clinic p. 425)
 History of the company; when & where established; ownership history; key events; revenue and profitability history
 History of the product market; major events, trends and developments
Brand Inventory
 Product portfolio
 Brand portfolio
 Pricing
 Distribution
 Communications
Brand Exploratory
 Consumer knowledge
 Brand Resonance Analysis
 Competitive Analysis
Strategic Recommendations
 Target customer segment(s) (existing and/or new)
 Positioning (eg, Desired image; Points of Differentiation; Points of Parity)
Tactical Recommendations
Specific ‘marketing mix’ recommendations
 Products/Services
 Brands
 Pricing
 Distribution
 Promotion
 Further Market Research

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