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Diagnosis Paper

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Diagnosis Paper
The objective of this exercise is to gain real-world experience in problem diagnosis, evaluation, remedy, and feedback assessment. Specifically, you are asked to examine an actual problem or issue, either at a current job or simply something you have experienced in an organization as an observer/customer. The problem need not be complicated. In fact, I would suggest taking the small steps necessary to fix an issue that is manageable in terms of scope and impact. What I really need to say is pick something that you are familiar with and can be talked about with some degree of confidence and certainty. If you are unable to generate a problem or issue, please feel to borrow one from a parent, former employer, or anyone else you feel can offer legitimate help. Trust me, there are zillions of them out there and they are ripe for the picking.

This discussion should have the following components:
? A detailed description of the organization should be included. Please include the what, where, how, and any other pertinent information you feel is necessary. Be specific rather than vague or unclear. You can provide this information in a way that protects the identity of the organization/outlet if you feel that this is necessary. (400-500 words – requested).
? Please describe the problem or issue. Indicate what it is in specific terms and describe how it is affecting the organization as well as its workers and customers. Offer your own insights, or those generated by information from others regarding the source of the problem that you are describing. Specifically, why is this occurring in this organization? Issues or concerns do not occur at random, something or someone can be identified as a trigger. Please be as specific as possible. (400-500 words – requested)
? Describe the possible remedies. Your remedy should address each of these issues you identified in some way. Basically, how are you going to fix it and make sure that it doesn’t happen again? Then, please describe specific things that you would put in place to ensure that this problem is significantly curtailed or eliminated entirely. (500-600 words – requested)
? Lastly, how are you going to evaluate the success of your program? Think in terms of how things can be relative to how they were when they were (are) at their worst. I understand this is somewhat imagined since you will not be able to actually affect the organization as a result of your work. However, think about how you can look at the before and after photos of your chosen issue/problem and how you can make sense of the difference between the two pictures. (400-500 words)

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