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Disclosure of Exculpatory Material

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You are required to create a thread of at least 600 words in response to the provided prompt for each forum. You must support your assertions with at least 2 citations in current Bluebook format.


 Disclosure of Exculpatory Material/Appointment of Prosecutors


Thread Part 1: Jurisdictions vary as to what material must be disclosed by prosecutors to defense counsel during a criminal trial. Outline your jurisdiction’s mandatory disclosure rules in criminal cases. Does your jurisdiction go beyond what is required by Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)? What materials should be required to be disclosed by prosecutors and defense counsel in a criminal case? Would your answer change from the perspective of a biblical worldview?

NOTE: Here is a link from the Texas District & County Attorneys Association that show the they follow what is required with Brady v. Maryland

I found a good article that show how prosecutors are still being unethical


Thread Part 2: Please answer question 3 on page 48 of Lawyers Crossing Lines.


I will provide you with a copy of pages from the textbook for chapter 2 (pages 17 – 47 from textbook). The information below is from page 48; however, the pages for question 3 is pages 17-47).

Question 3 – When considered at its most basic level, the Duke Lacrosse “fiasco” was precipitated by one man’s desire to remain in public office. Though Nifong had been appointed to the position to the on the basis of merit – his experience, the quality of work, and his outstanding ethical reputation – he needed a community scandal in order to obtain the necessary name recognition to remain district attorney. Arguably, the election transformed him from a white knight to a rouge prosecutor. Given the example of what can go wrong, do you think that requiring district attorneys to campaign for office is a good idea? What are the costs and benefits of electing prosecutors? In the federal system, United States Attorneys are appointed by the President on a supposedly merit-selection basis. Do you think the states should adopt this model?


These are the books I am using in bluebook format

Thread Part 2: Michael L. Seigel & James L. Kelley, Lawyers Crossing Lines: Ten Stories (2nd ed. 2009).

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