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Ten points maximum:

1. Question answers content reference to international business concepts

10 points

2. Question answers content reference to international business

10 points


20 points

Please, choose one of two topics of the assignment (Topic 1 or 2). Please, indicate the name of the topic and which questions you are answering. Discuss with your team questions, provide at least one comment, and respond at least once to another peer’s comments in your group, answering questions provided in the discussion board. Please, make sure to answer the questions that refer to the proper topic. All comments and responses must be submitted on D2L and not via email since email is unstable to attachments. I will not extend any time or accept late discussion submissions. Make-ups will not be allowed. If you do not submit your discussion post and responses on d2l, you will receive 0 points.

Chapter 3; Topic 1: What Ails Argentina?

QUESTION 1: What are the root causes of Argentina’s relatively poor economic performance? Explain how these causes have impacted the country’s economic growth rate.

QUESTION 2: How would you explain the persisting appeal of Peronism in Argentina, even though the economic track record of Peronist governments has not been good?

QUESTION 3: What policies do you think the government of Alberto Fernandez should pursue? How might these policies help Argentina achieve higher economic growth rates?

Topic 2; Chapter 7: Government Policy and International Trade

1. QUESTION: Reread the Management Focus “Huawei Export Bias Hits U.S. Firms.” Is the U.S. justified in banning U.S. companies, or foreign semiconductor makers that use American-made production technology, from doing business with Huawei? What are the possible long-term implications of this policy? Who might benefit? Who might lose? What policy stance would you recommend the Biden Administration adopt with regard to this export ban?

Word count 250 – 300

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