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Go to Art through Time: A Global View and watch the video Conflict and Resistance. Using the images titled Books! by Artist Aleksandr (Alexander) Mikhailovich Rodchenko and image Fish and Rocks by Artist Bada Shanren (Zhu Da), Use this images and other resources to Answer the questions below and support your answers.

1. Identify these two images by title, artist, medium and time.

2. Each of the artworks was created under very specific and highly charged political circumstances. How did each artist’s relationship to or feelings about the reigning government at the time impact his career?

3. Protest art has been around for centuries. What makes art an effective form of social or political protest? Be specific with examples from video.

Also view video The Body and Use image Male and Female Twin Figures (flanitokelew) by Artis Bamana artist, Kala, Mali, And image Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise by Artist Masaccio, Use it’s information with other sources to support your answers to the following questions.

4. Given the treatment of the body in the two works above, do you think that the two cultures which produced them share the same attitude towards nudity or nakedness? Explain.

5. These works both feature a man and woman. How do the bodies of man and woman compare to one another within each work? What kind of relationship between the sexes does each work posit? What role does the body play in expressing this?

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