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Discussion Topic for All Practicum Students

In Baird, B. N. (2011). The Internship, practicum, and field placement handbook A guide to the helping professions. (6th Ed.) New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.: Chapter 7: Stress and Self-care

Dittman, M. (2005). Breathe. GradPSYCH, 3 (2).

Choose an additional article in the Positive Psychology literature that applies to your own self-care, either as you practice it, or as it would apply to your taking a proactive approach to finding a balance in your life. Cite this article after you address issues in the following question.

Wellness has been recognized as an important issue in the lives of busy professionals and the broadening interest in promoting wellbeing is reflected in the growing literature in positive psychology. Protecting our own mental health and and building our psychological resources allows us to function better as we work to help others and helps us avoid burnout.

Discussion Topic for All Practicum Students:

Describe the ways in which you approach finding balance among the competing demands of school, professional, personal and social worlds. Do particular beliefs help you in your quest for balance? Are there strategies or methods of structuring your life that help you, not just to juggle everything, but to thrive in the midst of competing demands? If you do not currently have a plan for achieving this kind of balance, please outline one with some detail about how it fits into your life and the value it will have in your life when implemented.

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