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Disruptive Company in Emerging Technologies

Scenario 1: Disruptive Company in Emerging Technologies

Company – BHIM UPI

Mission: To combine multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application (of any participating bank), merging several banking features, seamless fund routing & merchant payments into a single mobile application.

Vision: Expand the sources of payment systems and achieve greater operational accuracy by using technological innovations in retail payment systems.


· Improving new technology innovation for a more seamless payment experience.

· Prioritize customer’s demands and support services and make sure you provide them a fair payment service.

· Maintaining regulations and being willing to be honest in business.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs):

Objective: Disrupt and Establish a New Marketplace.

Key Result 1: Make smooth connections by creating partnerships with five major banks and payment service providers.

Key Result 2: Within the first year of delivering a new service, increase the user by 30%.

Scenario 2 (Early Adopters – Early Majority): OpenAI

Mission: Becoming a leader to advance digital intelligence in the direction that is most likely to benefit all humans.

Vision: To become world leaders in AI research, establishing standards for the ethical and safe uses of innovative technologies.


· Ensured to development an artificial intelligence in a safe, transparent way that aligned with human values.

· Collaboration and Teamwork and showed the most significant AI achievements.

· Believes in transparency and accessibility in the development of AI by sharing knowledge and open research.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs):

Objective: Transform People, Processes, and Tools.

Key Result 1: Invest in advanced IT infrastructure to support the maximum number of real-time service requests and implement emerging AI technologies.

Key Result 2: Using the most efficient AI research methods would reduce the project timeframes by 20%.

Scenario 3 (Late Majority):

Company Name: Nokia

Mission: We really need to upgrade our company and products by implementing the latest technologies. It is very important to be competitive and up-to-date in today’s corporate world.

Vision: Be a strong competitor again in the industry in the next three years. We want to be a leader in implementing new technology by quickly putting it into action.

• Remains open-minded and committed to developing new ideas with the latest technology.

• Prioritizing the basic needs and support while incorporating new technologies.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs):

Objective: Nokia wants to be a leader in the industry again

Key Result 1: Using the latest technology, allocate work to people and equipment as well. Funds also should be taken care of while launching a product.

Key Result 2: Make a survey and distinguish the steps that can be useful in launching a new product to market .

Key Result 3: Keep a record of customer satisfaction and measure it to identify areas for improvement.

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