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Doctoral practicum -self-reflection

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Students will be expected to present in oral and written form three 10 page self-reflection papers documenting their perceptions of their attainment of practicum competencies and their professional development at critical points in their practicum experience

All written assignments will be assessed in regard to both adequacy of content (e.g. accuracy, thoroughness, etc.) and adequacy of presentation and style (e.g. spelling, punctuation, writing style, etc.). It is expected that assignments will be written on a level appropriate for doctoral students.

Some helpful information:

Place of my practicum:

Center for Assessment and Treatment, Hackettstown, New Jersey


My main objective in taking part in this Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology is to meet a requisite for becoming a licensed psychologist in New Jersey.  Besides, as a future psychologist, the practicum gave me a chance to learn field-based knowledge through field observations and applications.

I am a 3year doctoral student of PsyD program

The central objective of the Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology is to give the student opportunities to acquire competencies required for the conventional counseling psychology practices

I had the privileged to work with clients of different demographics such as different groups of boys and men showing possible symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, couples’ problems, and anxiety among others.

My favorite group of work : teen boys and young boys with depression, anxiety , ADHD, Post Traumatic Disorder, but also practicum gave me a chance   to improve my skills with Psychological testing, progress notes writing, building professional treatment plans;

Practicum side is using professional  commuter system which I learned quickly

And for sure I would love to use this in my private practice in the future

On the beginning when I started during the summer this side I almost hate this place, I feel overworked everything was different than previously practicum. The number of patients: for example I start my work on Friday at 10 am and last patient is 8pm and every 45 minutes I see another person. This I can handle but paper work after that on the beginning was difficult.

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