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Documentary: “God in America: A New Adam”

Answer the following set of questions (the length of your analysis will be determined by the depth of your engagement with and reflection on the documentary, but as a rule each answer should be a complete paragraph). Please number all responses so they correspond with the question numbers.

What role did religion play in the cultural misunderstandings and colonial relations of Europeans and Native peoples in the New World? How did the religious world views of the Europeans and Indigenous people differ?
What did the Puritans hope to achieve? What was the goal of their religious and political community? Why did they consider conformity so necessary for their cohesion?
“Anne Hutchinson is the future,” says religion professor Stephen Prothero. What links do you see between her 17th-century understanding that “God is speaking to each of us,” as Prothero describes it, and contemporary American spirituality? Between her religious experience and George Whitefield’s understanding of “inward change”?
What democratic overtones do you hear in early expressions of both Puritan and evangelical Protestantism in America? How did religion penetrate early American political thought? What did religious choice and freedom have to do with political choice and freedom in American history? How did personal religious experience of the revivals and Great Awakenings of the 18th century influence the American Revolution?

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