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Drug Abuse: Marijuana

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This assuagement should be at least three pages with three sources. If you can use simple words and do some easy or simple mistakes that will be better.

From at least three different news sources from the list on Moodle, compile an annotated list of three different articles, each covering a different current event in the news. (Try to include at least one local and one international event. If you want to use a news source not on our list, email me to ask over the weekend.) For each of the three articles you read, include the following information:

       Source Introduction: In a few complete sentences, introduce the source this news article comes from. What is the publication, and how does that publication describe itself? Who authored and reported on the story, and what is their background? Give other contextual information, including the title of the article and the date it was published, as well as any other relevant information.

       Summarize, Paraphrase & Quote: In a sentence or two, summarize the most important information from the article, explaining the key points of the event that is being written about. Also paraphrase one or two significant details. Select at least one sentence in the article that is important to directly quote. Include parenthetical citations for each piece of information. This means putting the author’s last name and a page number (if it exists) in parentheses after each sentence with information from the article.

       Discussion: Explain what makes this event significant: what larger ongoing event or context it is a part of, and why it deserves our attention.

       Citation: Include an accurate citation, in MLA format. For most news articles, whether from a print news magazine or newspaper, or a magazine or newspaper’s website, the format is as follows:

Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Magazine or Newspaper Article in Quotation Marks.” Title of Periodical in


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