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Drug delivery and Formulation Science

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Drug delivery and Formulation Science

Age adapted oral dosage forms: implications in the design and delivery of drugs for elderly and pediatric patients.

A 4000- word informative and critically- assessed understanding/explanation of the different types of oral dosage forms available for elderly and pediatric patients. Commentary on the key factors considered during the design, formulation such as:

1- Ionic exchange resin,

2- In situ gelling sustain release,

3- Micro particulate sustain release,

4- Oral disintegrating tablet,

5- Using of Gel and Jelly as a drug vehicle,

6- Delivery and packaging strategies of these should be mentioned.

You may wish to discuss the contents with named examples of current formulations and/or 1_4 specific disease. Diagrams and/ or tables are encouraged if appropriate.

Use as many as references and articles to fulfill the above requirements

Please use 1.5 spacing, size 11 type.

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