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E- Alcohol in the Military

My social media campaign is Alcohol in the Military
Post an outline of your social media campaign proposal paper. Refer to the syllabus and attached rubric for the grading criteria. (50 points)
Your outline should follow the general format below. You may include additional details if you wish.
I. Introduction
1. Description of problem to be addressed in the campaign.
2. Rationale for selecting the target population.

II. Selecting a social media platform
1. Compare and contrast social media platforms.
2. Rationale for selecting a specific social media platform given the characteristics and location of the target population.
III. Identification of at least one evidence-based program that will serve as a model for the final social media campaign. Include citations in APA-7 format (attach corresponding reference list at the end).
IV. Campaign message
1. Description of the major message of the social media campaign
2. Description of the components that will be included in the campaign message.
3. Description of what the social media campaign will look like. The reader should be able to envision what the final product will be.

V. Plans to measure success of the campaign
1. What metrics (e.g., hits, likes, shares, etc.) will you use to determine the effectiveness of your campaign?
2. How will you know if your campaign has been successful with your target population?

Be sure to incorporate in-text citations and a corresponding reference list after the outline. You can include references from your working bibliography assignment or use other sources.

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