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E- Effects of stress on the body and mind


TOPIC: Effects of stress on the body and mind

Part 1: Describe a patient perspective of a psychosocial experience (one covered in course outline)
• In first person (you) narrative voice, describe the current patient experience—signs, symptoms, impact, any stimuli, current treatment.
• Provide background information—past history, treatment perceived, personal and environmental strengths and deficits

This paper will be written in 3 parts.

Papers must include at least four (4) journal articles published within the past 5 years. There should be, at a minimum, one scholarly citation for each of the following points: each intervention (3), and either caring or presence (I). You can add additional citations as needed. The text book is NOT a scholarly source. Direct quotes are not acceptable and must be paraphrased using your own words.
This paper is submitted in 3 separate sections. Parts 1 and 2 are edited drafts and will be retuned for revisions. The final paper (Part 3) consists of Parts 1 and 2 with revisions and Part 3. The final grade is the sum of all 3 parts of the paper.

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