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E- Future Challenges and Concerns of Police Management

Papers must be prepared in APA format. Your paper must be a MINIMUM of 10 pages excluding the cover page, abstract, and reference page. Each paper must have 10 academic references with at least EIGHT (8) academic peer-reviewed journal articles or doctoral dissertations.  Submit an APA formatted paper that includes the following sections at a minimum:

Cover page (Does NOT count in 10 page)
Abstract (Does NOT count in 10 page)
Introduction & Scope of Problem (overview of topic or problem)
Literature Review
Practical Implications
Synthesis and Possible Solution(s): Summarize the problem as supported from your research. Articulate solutions options and recommendations. (THIS section should be at least two full pages of discussion. Tell us the problem and options for a solution.)
Reference Page (Does NOT count in 10 page)

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