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E- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings novel

Based on Maya’s Chapter 3 incident and Staples’ incidences of racism, you are to compare and/or contrast the two readings. 
Brainstorming ideas for the prompt:
What is the context for both readings?
Who is involved?
Were the reasons for acting the way they did, the same or different?
This is only a paragraph, so do not try to compare and/or contrast too much. 
Make sure your topic sentence is clear about whether you are comparing and/or contrasting.  Be sure to use keywords such as contrast, different, similar, and both, etc. 
Required Readings:

Refer to the I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings novel, which is part of the textbook module.
Refer to Brent Staples’ article, “Just Walk on By.”
Use the annotations that you took for the Week 3 DB assignment, or refer to the Week 3 Module for the complete article along with its MLA information for the Works Cited page.

Your name
My name
Date (# Month Year)

Title of Paragraph (No Assignment Name)

(Indent five spaces by using the tab key)  Then set that stage, meaning give the name of the readings and the authors.  If titles are long, it is okay to shorten them as I did in the Overview. This way your readers know where the material is coming from.  Then have a topic sentence (topic + controlling idea).  Since this is a paragraph only, you only need a topic sentence.  There is no thesis in a stand-alone paragraph.  Then give your support for the topic sentence.  Be sure to use major and minor details.  Be sure to use at least Two (MLA) In-text citations per the requirements.  Then have a closing sentence. 

Work(s) Cited


Use at least two in-text citations one from the Staples article as support for your topic sentence and one from the Angelou novel. 
The topic sentence must be highlighted in yellow.
Use Purdue Owl or my MLA Cheat Sheet.
At the bottom of your initial thread, include your Works Cited. This is for practice so that when we start the research paper, you will be very familiar with using MLA.
I will also be looking at grammar/mechanics very closely, so you may want to have someone edit your post before submitting it.  For the remainder of the semester, all writing will be expected to be at a higher level.
The initial Post should be at least 250 words
Be sure that your initial post contains a topic sentence, great support, and a closing sentence. 

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