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E- Psychiatric Interventions for Teaching: Depression.

Topic: Case Study
Review the case study in the video Psychiatric Interventions for Teaching: Depression.
Based on the case study, answer the following questions.
• Identify the target symptoms/problems.
• What additional subjective and objective information would you gather?
• Which psychiatric symptoms are a treatment priority for this case?
Medication Choice:
• List one medication that would be appropriate for this case. Include the name and starting dose.
• What is your rationale for choosing this medication? What is the mechanism of action for your medication choice?
• What laboratory testing/monitoring is needed for safely prescribing this medication?
• Are there any contraindications or safety issues associated with this medication?
Safety Risk Assessment:
• What are the safety concerns, if any, associated with this case? How will you address safety?
• When would you follow up with this patient?
• List at least two references.
Next steps:
• Post your responses to these questions in the Discussion Board.
• Respond to two peers’ posts.

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