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E- Violence Against Women

Hate Crimes 4318
Reflection Essay 2 Instructions
A reflection paper is a type of essay that requires you to reflect, or give your thoughts and
opinions, on a certain subject or material. It is a first-person piece of writing in which you take a
look at your life experiences and describe their meaning or what you have learned from them in
relation to the information in the text and what you have learned given a topic in which to focus
your paper. This will allow for personal experiences and opinion, whereas in a research paper the
focus is on documented or verified information from reliable sources. However, you may want to
support the story you are telling by using outside sources.
For this first essay your topic will be “Violence Against Women”. This is to be produced as a
paper using APA format with a cover sheet and reference page that do not count in the minimum
acceptable page requirement of 4 full pages of content. (Not 2 pages, or 3 pages, or 3 and a half
pages.) Four or more full pages of content with a cover sheet and a reference page. Minimum
acceptable pages is average, or a “C” paper. Producing minimum work is not an “A”, which is
above average. Keep that in mind when writing your paper. Please read the syllabus regarding
written assignments for this course.

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