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Economic Outlook for 2024

What are the current economic and financial conditions in the world? What kind of year is it going to be economically? What does 2024 hold for the world economically and financially? You need to know what some of the economic variables and world events/developments that you are considering. You will want to discuss or at least mention most of the following topics:  inflation and the problems caused by it; where do we stand on inflation today and what is the outlook; the Fed’s battle to contain inflation through aggressive rate hikes and rapid reduction of money supply; what are the problems caused by high rates combined with consumer debt; chances of an economic recession in 2024; borrowing costs on things like credit cards, home mortgages, car loans, and corporate/government bonds; the labor market, wages, and unemployment;  geopolitical events such as the wars in Ukraine and Israel and relations with Russia and China; high costs of housing, autos, and other durable goods purchases; the election and the contentious political environment; U.S. and world GDP; and other factors.  It would be good if you could speculate on the movement of the stock market, interest rates, employment/wages, and prices on things such as oil, housing, rent, autos, and other critical items. I am looking for 4 to 5 double-space pages research paper. API format.

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