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Educational Intervention


You developed an educational intervention in Program Planning class. In this class, you will go beyond education to other strategies for promoting health—policy/enforcement, environmental change, health-related community services, health systems, health communication, or some combination of strategies. This assignment will give you the opportunity to envision the ways in which public health challenges are approached in practice.


1. Each group has an assigned topic in the 2020 GLHA CHIP.
2. You will work with your group to examine the interventions and strategies suggested for your topic.
3. Each of you will develop your own PowerPoint presentation of no more than 6 slides including the title slide. Your purpose is to inform your fellow students about your topic and the intervention strategies.
4. This presentation should include the following information:
a. A brief description of the health issue in your CHIP topic and why it is important in Greater Lowell.
b. The goals of the CHIP related to your topic.
c. Describe the strategies proposed and the level of intervention from MATCH for each strategy.
d. Provide your analysis of the strategies chosen. Are the strategies appropriate? Are there better or other options that may be more effective? If so, describe and defend your position. If not, explain.
5. Your group will work together to integrate your presentations into one group presentation. This work will be done in class. You will submit both your individual presentation and the final group presentation in Blackboard.
6. You will make your presentation to the class. It should be 5-10 minutes long. Everyone should participate.

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