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Educational Psychology

(2023FA-PSYC-3015-01) Educational Psychology: Adv JB
Assignments M5 Annotated Bibliography Assignment
This assignment might be one of the most important building blocks toward your final research essay
because it starts to bring together the scholarly resources needed. By the time you complete the
annotated bibliography you will have about 25 percent of the work completed for your final essay.
For this short assignment, you will need to research and read peer-reviewed (published in
professional journals), textbooks or chapters from a relevant edited text, university, or government
publications concerning an issue surrounding teaching and learning that can be analyzed through
concepts and theories you’ve learned in educational psychology. For this assignment you can use the
course textbook to help guide your research but not as one of your resources in the annotated
bibliography. There are several examples of research studies listed at the end of each chapter as well
as the Top 20 Psychological Principles for K-12 Teaching and Learning organized by principles and
Assignment Instructions: Annotated Bibliography
1. If you have not yet done so, review Final Essay Due in week 14, and begin to outlining and
developing some initial thoughts. This preparation will save you time when searching for
scholarly sources to support your arguments. It will also reduce stress and anxiety and allow
you some breathing room in the closing weeks of the course.
2. You will then write a synopsis of at least three (3) articles, chapters, or publications along with
the full citation in APA style. Do not simply quote the article abstract. These cited sources in
this assignment will also be used in your Final Research Paper.
3. To complete the annotated bibliography follow these steps:
Prepare a summary statement (annotation) of 200 to 250 words for each of the sources
in your bibliography. The statement should summarize the source and it should explain
how that particular source will support your thesis and argument in your final essay.
You may include one or two key quotes from the source in your summary statement as
well as biographic material about the author, if that material is relevant to your research
essay’s topic.

Keep the annotated bibliography organized in alphabetical order for now. You will,
however, probably want to start organizing your resources differently in the body of
your paper as you start to do the final writing.
For further guidance on preparing your annotated bibliography, visit Cornell University’s resource on
How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography
The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully analyze teaching and
learning theories and concepts in the field of educational psychology, discussed in the textbook and
other sources. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not
called into question. The Library Resources and Academic Integrity resources will assist you in
successfully completing written assignments.
Your assignment is expected to be 650 – 800 words, no more than 1000. It should be well written and
organized, in APA format, using proper sentence structure and spellchecked. For further explanation
please see the Writing Rubric page of the course information documents.

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