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Ethical Issue Paper
The ethical issue paper will address an ethical issue associated with the practice of nursing. The issue selected for discussion should have clearly identified pros and cons that, when analyzed, will allow the student to form a defensible position related to the issue. Principles identified from codes of ethics should be examined in relation to the issue and position. See course shell for topics. Topics outside of the list must be approved by faculty.
Create a 750-word paper using current APA formatting. Your paper should include a title and reference page which is not part of the word count.  Title page must include title of paper, your name, school, course, faculty name/title and date. References must be current (five years and less to date) and credible (reputable peer-reviewed sources, .org, or .gov). Feel free to use the writing template located in the Resources folder.

Please use the following headings when writing your paper:

Scope of Ethical Issue (In this section you will describe the scope of the ethical issue)

Issue Related to Nursing and Principles (In this section you will examine the scope of the  issue as it relates to nursing and principles identified in codes of ethics)

Positions on Issue (In this section you will identify at least two positions taken on this issue by scholarly experts in the ethics discipline)

Future of Issue (In this section you will explore the future for the issue as it relates to nursing practice)

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