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You has been appointed the selection panel for an EMR( Electronic Medical Recored) that is to be introduced into a new 800 bed tertiary teaching hospital that is undergoing construction. A tender document has been sent to industry inviting responses to delivering a full EMR solution, although the tender has not been specific about the implementation strategy; it has focussed purely on the system capability.

As the selection panel you need to document the business benefits that are going to be derived from the implementation of an EMR solution, determine how you will measure return on investment and create some selection criteria to evaluate the tender responses.

There are two parts.

Part 1: Mind Maps

Create 3 mind maps as follows:

A mind map detailing the top 5 business benefits you expect to be delivered by the EMR solution.
A mind map detailing 5 measures you will use to assess the ROI delivered by the EMR solution.
A mind map detailing 10 selection criteria you will use to evaluate the responses.
For each benefit and measure it is not enough to simply state the benefit / measure, e.g. “Quicker”, that needs to be qualified with detail. As a mind map that can be a series of sub-points that explain why it is quicker and the use of more than one word in the benefit / measure, e.g. “Quicker to implement as development time is reduced”. In this case one of the sub-points could then be “Established software tool kits allow code to be re-used rather than written”. For the selection criteria again use more than just a single word – basically write a sentence that is the selection criteria. Obviously these selection criteria do not need additional sub-points.

2. Executive Summary

In addition prepare an Executive Summary that is a maximum of 2 pages (12 pt, Times New Roman) that clearly explains the mind maps and addresses the benefits of an EMR, measures to assess ROI and the criteria that will be used. Ensure that this section is also adequately referenced.

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