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Endocrinology assessment

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Medicine and Health
You are tasked to a 43yo male who is complaining of severe chest discomfort, Shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling too hot and anxiety

Alert middle aged man in mild respiratory distress, appears warm & sweaty with hand tremors, alert and oriented to person, time and place
RR 22, SpO2 94%, HR 145, BP 170/80, cap refill <2, T 38.8C, Pupils EARRL Size 4 anicteric
ECG – Atrial fibrillation
Heart – no murmurs,
Lungs – bibasilar rales
Abdo – soft non-tender

Nil known allergies
Depression, HT, Paroxysmal Atrial tachycardia
Medications – paroxetine, hydrochlorothiazide, amiodarone
Nil significant family history
Smokes, occasional EToH, denies recreational drug use

What do you know about the patient? What is the key information? What do you still need to find out?

Outline 3 provisional diagnoses.

Discuss your final diagnosis and the pathophysiology behind the diagnosis.

Discuss the implications for paramedic practice.

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