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Environmental Ethics

Write a 3-5 page paper on environmental ethics, following the paper template provided to ensure that all points are covered. This is a take-a-position paper. In environmental ethics, there are various world-views that influence our relationship with the environment. You will research 5 common world-views as they relate to the environment, such as anthropocentrism, biocentrism, ecofeminism, etc. Apply the world-views to environmental problems of our time and then take a stand or develop your own worldview.

This paper requires the use of supporting evidence, such as journal articles, reviews, or scientific sources of info.  You may not simply copy material from another source and insert it into your paper as your own ideas.  Summarize supporting evidence and present it in your own words, making sure to cite the sources of this information using APA format.  Also, make sure to create a list of references used at the end of your document.  See the separate paper template file, as well as the APA format guide for more information.

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