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Equity diversity and inclusion mission statement

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Equity diversity and inclusion mission statement

Length: 2000


Develop an equity, diversity and inclusion mission statement for a prospective employer of your choice.

Your mission statement should include the following sections:

Table of contents (not included in word count)

Introduction (about 100 of 2000 words)

– Briefly introduce your submission by explaining which organisation your equity, diversity and inclusion mission statement is being written for, and why you selected this particular organisation.

Organisation (about 100 of 2000 words)

– Provide a brief overview of the organisation you have selected.

Theory and Practice (about 850 of 2000 words)

– Define equity, diversity and inclusion, explain why actualising these concepts is important in organisations. Provide examples, make appropriate links to theory and practice, and support your views using relevant quality research sources.

Mission Statement (about 850 of 2000 words)

– Provide your actual mission statement. This should cover the organisational definition of and mission regarding the achievement of equity, diversity and inclusion. Like all mission statements, this is a statement rather than a detailed plan. It is a conceptual overview which explains and presents what successful equity, diversity and inclusion looks like in the organisation you are focusing on, and acts as a type of conceptual and inspiring roadmap for how the organisation hopes to achieve this. A sample mission statement will also be provided in the subject resources folder for all students.

Conclusions (about 100 of 2000 words)

– Briefly wrap up your submission in a final paragraph.

References (required, not included in word count calculation)

Appendixes (optional, not included in word count calculation)


  • Please you are required to select a prospective rather than a current or a previous employer
  • Section headings are required as are visuals (e.g. Graphs, tables, and diagrams).
  • You are expected to write in a third person
  • You are permitted to create additional sub-section

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