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Ethical Issues

In this discussion, you will explore the aim of your research, think about potential ethical issues that could arise and consider ways you can protect the people who have Mental health condition among young adults.


Start to revise your question by stating/answering your topic’s 5 “wh” questions of the research:


Step 1: State the current situation for your research topic/problem:

Step 2: State the purpose of your study (use the 5 “wh” questions as your guide):

Step 3: State the scope for your investigative study:

Next, using the prompts below, discuss some ethical Issues concerning your study.

1. Risk. Describe the type and level of risk (no risk, minimal risk, more than minimal risk) to participants. State whether the population you are studying is a special or sensitive population. Describe some of the possible risks that participants might face and what you can do to minimize such risks.

2. Benefits. Describe the possible benefits for the participant and the larger society that will result from being in the study. If there are no anticipated benefits clearly indicate there aren’t any.

3. Confidentiality. State how participant’s rights to privacy and confidentiality would be protected.

4. Other ethical issues. State any other ethical issues the proposed research may pose.

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